Foto/Photo: Attila Kispál

camere supravegheate 2017 art encounters.jpg


Supervised Rooms

2017 (Camere supravegheate - original title)

Drawing on wall

345 x 500 cm

Home, sweet home, Art Encounters Biennial, 2017, Timișoara, RO

Curators: Ami Barak & Diana Marincu

Curatorial text: The drawing series Supervised Rooms follows the situations lived by the artist over time and the permanent problem of changing houses. The tenant status is a vulnerable one, always depending on the requirements of the owner. Always under the careful supervision of the landlord, the tenant lives his/her personal life in different places, populating them with objects and friends, and each space temporarily “colonized” becomes the backdrop of new, everyday events.

Photo: Attila Kispál, Ovidiu Micșa - Art Encounters Foundation        

Camere supravegheate

Drawings on paper


21 x 29.7 cm

Triplus fineliner on paper

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camere-supravegheate c.n.42.jpg
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