Still Life


​installation-performance, available for the public 5 hours per day x 2 days

rotten vegetables and fruits gathered from the markets, wooden table, chair, glasses and wine

During the visiting hours I was suggesting the visitors to sit  with me at the table, have a chat and a drink, luring them closer to the table.

On the third day I was asked to dismantle the installation because the smell was too unbearable for the house owner.

The work was shown in a location chosen especially for the project and restores the feeling of opulence found in still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age in contrast with the huge amount of food that goes to waste every day.


The show gathered several invited artists and several guest homes. All exhibitions were made in collaboration with residents from Northern Island in Rotterdam, Netherlands and was organized by Kunst Kamers.

"KuKa Rotterdam is an art route for contemporary art and visual culture on the North Island in Rotterdam with a special interest in situational art. Unlike the (Dutch) mainstream art route, where the emphasis is usually on the presentation of existing works of art studio or gallery spaces, the works will be displayed in the home and or bedrooms (private rooms) of residents of the North Island. The work shown is location specific and occurs in the circumstances, a collaboration between artist, organization, location and its occupant(s). Basically Kuka is best to be seen in line with the Chambre d’Amis that was organized by Jan Hoet in Ghent in 1986."