2012, Saint George, Tulcea, RO

Site specific installation. Materials: house ruin, drawing on paper, string.

The step from houses for people to animal shelters is not so big. Former houses, currently abandoned by their inhabitants, were transformed into stables or taken over by animals who wander on the fields, where one can see structures vaguely reminding of a house.


The authors of drawings completing the structure were children who participated in the three-day workshop that I held during my stay at the GrowArt Camp, which was a laboratory for artistic projects. One of the topics of the workshop has been the attempt at completing a house via re-drawing, imagination and remembering.

Site specific installation, made and documented during the Laboratory for artistic projects GrowArt Camp, 2012

Coordinators: Claudiu Cobilanschi and Suzana Dan

Organizer: Asociația pentru Promovarea Artelor Contemporane

Thanks: Iulia Toma and Claudiu Cobilanschi