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Watercolours from the series "The Sleep" 2020-2021

42x56 cm, 300 gsm Hahnemühle paper


Installation view of Where the Spirit Meets the Bone, group exhibition organised by Lateral ArtSpace at Rubik, Cluj-Napoca, 2021.
Photo: Roland Váczi; Courtesy of Lateral ArtSpace and Fabrica de Pensule.

When asked about the meaning of the name of her 11th studio album, Where the Spirit Meets the Bone, the American singer Lucinda Williams explained to The Huffington Post: 'Where the spirit meets the bone' is just that place deep down inside all of us where nobody else can really see. Everybody has different ways of dealing with that.

As the current global situation caused by the Corona virus can’t be ignored, we take a step back to clear our minds of sorrow and anxiety. Our individual lives have been affected, in different and hard to understand ways. Despite these difficulties visual artists went on with producing works of art, either out of the need to concentrate their energy in an artistic way or out of a desire to escape this new overwhelming environment that has taken over all channels of information dissemination, making it harder to maintain a positive attitude. 

The exhibition aims to present works made in an uncertain and stressful period, reflecting the artists' condition and their ways of overcoming difficulties, restrictions, new survival requirements and ways of adaptation that emerged in a very short time. Most of the works in the exhibition were not made with the intention to be presented in the context of an exhibition, they are mainly attempts of the artists to detach themselves from the routine of isolation at home. Therefore, it is not about the reinvention of the artists, but an approach to deal with an exceptional situation.

Fragment from the exhibitions' booklet text @ Lateral Art Space